My name is Jacob Fulton, and I am a senior at Olentangy Orange High School. I am the first-ever Digital Editor-In-Chief of all my school's web publications, and I am the Broader Scope Editor for our newsmagazine, the Courier. I am also the Executive Producer and an anchor of my school's live daily news show, The Juice, as well as a staff member of our yearbook, the Bronze Bayonet. I attended Mason High School for my freshman and sophomore years, and while I was there, I was a staff member of the school's newspaper, the Chronicle.

Since I first got involved with journalism during my sophomore year, I have been a part of the print and broadcast programs at both high schools I've attended. For me, journalism is more than just an extracurricular or a class I'm taking—it is a part of my identity.  My true passion comes from the people I write about; the power of a human story never fails to move me. 


Over the past three years, I have had the incredible honor of sharing the stories of my communities. From the heart-wrenching testimonies of families experiencing the death of a child, to profiling the most successful volleyball player in school history, I have truly seen the highs and lows that people in my school have lived through.


Chronicling these stories has been a privilege I will always be thankful for, and through this portfolio, I hope to encapsulate some of that journey. This is the culmination of three years and countless hours of work. Enjoy.

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